Anonymous said,
"Who are your three favorite people on tumblr? :)"

Oh. OH. 

OH MY GOD, NO. Nononono! @____@ 

You cannot do this to me, nonny. I will die.

Oh my god.

Okay. Okay, I can do this. Um. Can I be a bitch? I’mma be a bitch. I ain’t gonna say people I know in real life, because that would ruin the whole ‘on tumblr thing’. Okay. Let’s see. 

.. Um. 

Okay, so I’m just gonna say the ones who pop into my head first, because I can’t just decide! @____@

I .. Darreneverettstan is like one of the most amazing people on this earth! <3

And .. Ohsogleeky is so sweet and cool :’D .. And .. Um. 

holytriangulareyebrowsbatman, I’ve also been talking to a lot, and she’s so funny and cute! :D 

..But that’s, like, my favorite friends, I think :D 

If you want my favorite .. quality blogs -ish. Or maybe more like blogs I drool over and admire it’d be:

Leeminkyo, Muchacha11 aaaand Purekliaination are my favorite “OH MY GOD THEY SPOKE TO ME” blogs :’3 

Was that OK? 

I feel like a horrible person for not just saying all of you guys ;___; Because I love all the blogs I follow and who follows me. I hope I did it right ..? 

*shuffles further into couch*

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  1. holytriangulareyebrowsbatman said: Oh my God, that means so much, you made my crappy mood so much better! :D x
  2. kick-butts-reach-goals said: Awwwww. You’re are adorable!! I want to smooch you until your eyes pop out. Ok… that’s creepy. But my love is always like that. :3 <3
  3. abirdinanaeroplane said: fhlkqjwjqwd thank you baby :’)
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